We rescue ponies who have experienced abuse and neglect.   We nurture them to physical and emotional health by providing a calm, safe, secure environment where the ponies experience love and happiness and predictable routines. Our training with them increases their ability to connect and trust in human relationships without fear or anxiety.

We provide a safe haven for families with disadvantaged children and young people to engage with our ponies. The children and young people build resilience through emotional connection; learn to trust and build relationships cultivating positive physical , mental health and well being whilst promoting social inclusion.

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We have rescued nine ponies including Flake.  Each  ponies has it’s own story

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At the moment we have two children at any one time.  Each child is allocated a pony and the child spends up to an hour grooming the pony.

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Therapeutic Services

Kiltwalk 2016 - this year I am raising funds for a new charity called Ponies Help Children who provide their services free to kids with special needs. I have been fortunate that they have provided this service free for a project I did last year where kids from Hope for Autism attended.

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Ponies Help Children

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