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Ponies Help Children

Registered Charity SCO45855

Flake’s Story

Flake gets an album all to herself because she was so special.

We bought Flake away back in 1980 when we knew very little about looking after horses and she was a bit of a handful! She was bought for my Mum (Moira). Flake was 6 when we bought here and she lived to the right old age of 39. Flakes purpose in life was to teach us everything SHE knew and more, (it took her 33 years). When she was approaching 40 her work was done and she left this world a happy and satisfied matriarch. Even in her older age she was the boss and expected respect. Anyone new to the herd learned very quickly not to mess with Flake.

Over her years she taught many people to ride and many generations, 3 in our family alone. David my brother, competed her the most and was able to 'point to point' her. She loved jumping and cross country was probably her favorite.

I could sit here all day writing stories about Flake but I better not! But let me tell you it is Flake that we need to thank for Ponies Help Children, because she taught us that horses have feelings too and they can give you so much as long as you give them love and security.

Thank you Flake x