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Ponies Help Children

Registered Charity SCO45855


My son is autistic and has many challenges and anxieties in life.  One of these anxieties is a major fear of many animals especially dogs.  We started at Ponies Help Children and it was amazing.  He now loves the horses (I, myself, never quite realised what calming animals they are) but not only that, Moira and Heather went out of their way to help my son even with the dogs and this has helped his confidence greatly. He has now even taken a dog for a short walk - something I thought impossible.  Two tremendous ladies with hearts of gold and a special talent for children with difficulties.  Keep up the wonderful work you do and thank you from us xx


 Corey and myself have came two weeks now and corey has came on leaps and bounds he counted to twenty and said watch the first night there and never usually uses words unless singing he also slept his first night through in forever. The following two weeks he said juice buscuit and counted to thirty with his dad which was amazing he is so much more calmer he hasnt had a meltdown getting dressed since coming yesterday and has even played nice with his brother this place has changed my life for the better and i would never ever not recommend to anyone. Even after last night corey was crying for the first wee while however he calemd down and eventually cuddled bertie and heather and everyone was so understanding even when i was getting worked up i couldnt of coped myself without her.

Thankyou so much heather your work is amazing



 My name is Dominic, I am 20 years old in June and I am disabled, I'm deaf, and partly shortsighted, I am very honored that Heather and Moira have allowed me to work here, they have told me over the the weeks that I am very good, helpful and I am a big help to them, this makes me very happy. This also shows that disability does not effect our working skills to work with horses  

I started working at Ponies Help Children in October 2015. it is my dream job. It is a great charity, I enjoy spending time with the amazing rescue ponies and getting to know their personalities. I feel relaxed and happy around them. I think this will have the same effect on children with special needs. I've learned lots of new skills - riding with just a dually halter and lead rope and double line lunging.

It shows how amazing the rescue horses, dogs and the other animals are, to hopefully raise awareness, and hopefully stop animal abuse.

I would highly recommend the charity and think it deserves to be a really really popular charity!  


Wow wow wow..... absolute magic happens here. Both my kids have autism and one also has a learning difficulty. I was very anxious before going but the lovely ladies put me and the kids at ease and it was just one of those precious moments when the kids touched the ponies. Xx


Love it! I'm a new volunteer and only been there twice so far and love working there! Amazing place. Can't wait to work there more!

Update, I have now been here for 4 months and still loving it.