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Other Lovely Ponies Magic

Magic is a very beautiful black mare, who is 7/8 Thoroughbred & 1/8 Cob. She came to us in December 2013 as a five year old. She had, had a lot of different homes before she came to us and she found it very hard to ‘give herself’ to us, just in case she was moved on again. When she had been ‘backed’ she wasn’t given time to understand what the people had wanted her to do, and when she didn’t do what they wanted, she had been hit with a whip. This has caused her to be very withdrawn. Basically she decided if she closed herself off from the situation and became a robot that was safer! We have had to take ‘baby steps’ with her and let her see we are not going to hurt her. We would need to put a saddle on her back, walk her a few steps, take it off, then let her go to the field with her friends again. When in the field she had time think about what had happened and that nothing bad had happened to her etc. Next time we could walk a little further on so on. We also had to desensitise her because of the damage that had occurred with a whip. Magic now lets her character to be shown, which is a little mischievous but is full of love and kindness. She has turned into a wonderful, kind horse that just wants to be loved and understood in a home for life. She has that here. As with all our horses, the more love and gentleness you give Magic she gives you it back tenfold.