Therapeutic Services.

At the moment we have two children at any one time. During a session each child is allocated a pony  and the child spends up to an hour grooming the pony. This can provide the child with a therapeutic experience but  at the very  least it  gives the child (and the carer) a period of relaxation. We have had some amazing results with the children.

The ponies we use have been rescued, all be it  some time ago, but  due to the abuse they have suffered we can't ride them and that is why we use them for this type of work. They had lost so much trust in the human race that it was our job to build the trust  back up with love and training which now results in that love being poured out of the ponies and into the children. It is absolutely amazing to see and we hope you will be able to experience it

A period of Sessions  normally  runs for an average of 8 weeks depending on the child’s need.

 Costs available on request

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